Episode 29: J.D. Kershaw, Vice President, Marketing, Columbus Blue Jackets

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Front Office Exchange podcast featuring J.D. Kershaw, Vice President of Marketing for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Today’s podcast combines a little of everything from our last few episodes: J.D. was a former hockey player who learned quickly that he wanted to move to the business side of the sport. One of my favorite parts of the conversation was about this transition; since he was still in shape and a strong player, he would work out with the San Jose Sharks – the club that offered him his first off-ice role – and he said that he was immediately pegged as a “hockey guy.” J.D. was more interested in the business side than “hockey ops,” however, so he had to make a conscious effort not to pigeon-hole himself early in his career. Continue reading

Episode 28: Josh Brickman, Vice President, Strategy, Boston Bruins & TD Garden

Welcome to Episode 28 of the Front Office Exchange podcast featuring Josh Brickman, Vice President of Strategy for the Boston Bruins and TD Garden.

I met Josh through Russ Scibetti, and if you listened to the latter on Episode 21, then you know what to expect here: Josh is super bright, and the Bruins and TD Garden are clearly in good hands with him as it relates to their business intelligence and strategic marketing efforts. Continue reading

Episode 27: Jarrod Dillon, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Tampa Bay Lightning

Welcome to Episode 27 of the Front Office Exchange podcast featuring Jarrod Dillon, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Jarrod was a referral from previous guest Doug Warf, and he’s nearing his two-year anniversary with the Lightning. I tell him a story of a recent trip of mine to Tampa, where in meeting with several sports business executives in the area, they all raved at the Lightning organization, both on the ice and off. Jarrod acknowledges that on-ice success definitely doesn’t hurt, but he also discusses how the Lightning’s strong front office leadership has bred a team-wide winning culture. Continue reading

Episode 26: Malaika Underwood, Vice President, Licensing, The Brandr Group

Welcome to Episode 26 of the Front Office Exchange podcast featuring Malaika Underwood, Vice President of Licensing for The Brandr Group, and six-time USA Baseball alum.

Much like our previous podcast with Casey Crawford, this episode features a star athlete, but what makes Malaika unique is that she’s still an active player. Malaika walks through her career on the field and off, and discusses the unique work she’s doing for Brandr. On the personal side, Malaika and her husband are set to relocate from Atlanta to the Jacksonville, Florida-area soon, as her responsibilities at Brandr have grown. Continue reading

Episode 25: Casey Crawford, CEO, Movement Mortgage & 2003 Super Bowl Champion

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Front Office Exchange podcast featuring Casey Crawford, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Movement Mortgage. Yes, you heard that right. I’m interviewing the head of a mortgage company for this episode.

Casey’s background is unique, however, as he is a former NFL tight end, having spent time with the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and winning a Super Bowl ring in 2003 with the latter. Upon retiring, Casey entered the mortgage and real estate business, and over the last 10-plus years, he’s grown Movement into one of the fastest-growing private mortgage companies in the country with a perennial listing in the Inc. 5000. Continue reading

Episode 24: Corey Breton, Executive Vice President, Sales, Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)

Welcome to Episode 24 of the Front Office Exchange podcast featuring Corey Breton, Executive Vice President of Sales for the Los Angeles Football Club, an MLS expansion team which is set to begin play in 2018.

Thank you for the thousands of emails and comments about when I will finally bring on someone from professional soccer. Your voices have been heard. OK, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but I was excited to bring someone on from that sport. Corey’s in a unique “hurry up and wait” type of situation in L.A., while they work on building a stadium and launching a team, and since he joined the club last year, L.A. has added not one but TWO NFL teams. Continue reading

Episode 23: Career Advice 1.0

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Front Office Exchange podcast where we’re trying out something new – a first installment of a career advice compilation episode.  In this show I’ll revisit four of my favorite pieces of advice from past guests, all of which I think are applicable whether you’re in the sports business industry or not, or whether you’re a senior executive or recent graduate.  For a complete list of advice that has been shared on the podcast to-date, please click here.

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Episode 22: Ken Halpin, Athletics Director, Winthrop University

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Front Office Exchange podcast, featuring Ken Halpin, Athletics Director for Winthrop University, a public school in Rock Hill, S.C., which is just south of Charlotte, and a member of the Big South Conference.

So, what were you doing in sports business in your mid-30s? That’s what I kept asking myself when talking to Ken, Winthrop’s new AD as of last summer. He’s a PhD with an early career outside of sports business, and he’s hit the ground running here in the greater Charlotte area with Winthrop. I was referred to Ken by past guest Troy Kirby, and he was as-advertised: super impressive and a clear rising star in the industry. Continue reading

Episode 21: Russ Scibetti, Vice President, Product Strategy, KORE Software & Founding Editor, TheBusinessofSports.com

Aaaannnnd we’re back! Welcome to Episode 21 of the Front Office Exchange podcast, featuring Russ Scibetti, Vice President of Product Strategy for KORE Software.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season first and foremost, and that you’re as excited as I am about getting 2017 started on the right foot. With that in mind, I think we’ve got the perfect podcast to kick things off in a big way. Russ is very well known in sports business circles, not only through his work with the New York Jets and KORE, but also through his 8+ years running TheBusinessofSports.com. He’s very active on Twitter and in general is considered a #sportsbiz thought leader. Continue reading

Episode 20: Troy Kirby, Host, “The Tao of Sports” Podcast & Sports Business Consultant

Welcome to Episode 20 – the holiday edition! – of the Front Office Exchange podcast, where you’ll hear from the one, the only, Troy Kirby, Sports Business Consultant and host of the popular “The Tao of Sports” podcast.

Let’s be honest, if you’re listening to my podcast, you’re definitely listening to Troy’s. When I started FOE a few months ago, I had a plan in mind, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t try to mimic many of the things that Troy does in ToS. While his podcast is more topical rather than career-focused, his passion, energy and the sheer volume of podcasts he’s produced (700+?!) is staggering. The man is a machine, and he has set quite a bar in the sports business podcast world. Continue reading